Editorial Project in Collaboration with Maruchi

Inspired by Minami Gessel’s original concept of wanting to see people like herself reflected in the mainstream Japanese media, our modern interpretation of Sukeban was born.

In the spirit of Maruchi (meaning “multi” in Japanese), we adapted this concept to what we think inherently runs in the it-girls of our time; capturing the mundane yet surreal moments of youth, going against the grain, and creating a new path for themselves.

Featuring Minami Gessel and Samanthan Vaughn, we reimagine New York City as Tokyo, capturing our characters in 10 second mementos like brief scenes or moving photographs that evoke nostalgic memories of a high school summer.

Showcased at NowHere Gallery on Feb 23 & 24 in New York City.

Minami Gessel
Samantha Vaughn

Produced by:
Creative Director:
Anna Theroux Ling
Directed by: Emily May Jampel
Original Concept by: Minami Gessel
Styling by: Blair Cannon
Hair by: Chika Nishiyama
Make Up by: Ayaka Nihei
Cinematography: Eurica Yu
AC: Isabella Granada
Gaffer: Wiliam Wu
Sound Design: Kenzo Niwa
Editor: Holly Thiel
Color: Stephanie Park at Rare Medium
Photography: Ramona Jingru Wang
BTS Photography: Kana Motojima
Film Processing: Metropolis Post

Photos by Ramona Jingru Wang