Narrative Short (Post-Production)

Fundraiser for Maui Wildfire Relief
If you provide a screenshot or receipt of a donation made towards a verified Maui Community Fund or Maui Family’s Venmo/GoFundMe (links below), I will send you a private preview link to the completed film that you can watch early before it goes to any film festivals or premieres online. Please do not post or re-share the link without permission. Suggested donation is $10 but any amount is accepted.

Screenshots/receipts can be sent to: emilyjampel@gmail.com

Maui Mutual Aid Guide
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Help Maui Rise: Aid 'Ohana Displaced by Fires

A collective GoFundMe account that will evenly distribute donations to every family listed in their system, allowing donors to support multiple families at once 

Support Maui ‘Ohana Displaced by Fires
A growing list of individual families affected by the wildfires and their Venmo or GoFundMe accounts who you can donate to directly

Two friends living in Mānoa Valley spend a summer day together before one of them moves to New York City.

Lukita Maxwell
Derec Patrick Juan
Alec Singer
Winona Momi Silva

Emily May Jampel
Produced by:
Diane Ng
Executive Produced by: Lukita Maxwell, Linda Nichols & Robert Nichols, Keith Kandell
Co-produced by:
Aja Toscano
Cinematography: Scott Ray
Art Director: Vincent Bercasi
Editor: Alan Wu
Composer: Holden Mandrial-Santos
Sound Design: Matthew Ericson
Color: Phil Choe at Nice Shoes
Casting Director: Akemi Bischoff